• There exists a trained and licensed staff that will help you navigate the confusion surrounding Medicare, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), and Individual and Family Plans.

    medicare health insurance

    Now more than ever you want a professional who can show you over the maze of options. You do not locate a more professional or friendlier environment to have the help you need.

    Why call a 1-800 number or search for a website available to get guidance from your health care insurance expert at no cost?
    Thats right, there are no charges for your services. We now have the experience and data to help you locate the best health insurance plan and also the best price.

    Medicare Prescription

    Locate and talk to a professional medical health insurance agent which will help you navigate the whole process of signing up for any adverse health plan.

    Contact us at 215-996-9300 for the free health insurance consultation or send us an email.
    Or perhaps stop by My Health Insurance Shop during business hours.

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